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Licence for Alterations

Independent tailored technical advice protecting your investment in the property both during construction or when alterations are being undertaken.

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Licence for Alterations

Our Technical and highly experienced team manage the flow of information and monitor the quality of construction work on your property investment.

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Licence for Alterations Services

How can Bellrock help?

Our Technical and highly experienced team manage the flow of information and monitor the quality of construction work on your property investment. Acting on behalf of funders, landlords or tenants, we provide independent advice and technical expertise on:

  • Development agreements
  • Licence for alteration
  • Fit-out monitoring
  • “Draw down” valuations
  • Construction quality inspections

We operate across all sectors including commercial offices, retail, leisure, industrial, and residential to provide peace of mind to stakeholders when properties are being constructed or altered.

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Licence for Alterations Benefits

  • We manage the documentation flow and process through our state-of-the-art Concerto system that is also used as our estates CAFM across a numerous customers to ensure information is stored in one place and interfaces with live operational requirements
  • The team has the necessary national and sector coverage to efficiently manage the technical information and site inspections required for either alterations to existing properties or new build construction
  • We are independent advisors and can act for occupier / tenants, landlords or investors and have a full understanding of what is expected by each stakeholder
  • We understand the legal process required to accurately document construction and alteration work to protect our customers in the future and avoid disputes arising
  • Our Technical & Real Estate team regularly project manage, design and specify construction work and therefore are familiar with current construction methods, contracts and good practice
  • Within our Technical and Real Estate team we have a broad spectrum of expertise including Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy, Property Compliance, Building Consultancy, Cost and Real Estate Consultancy and are therefore able to provide an expert multi-disciplinary approach for our customers
  • We understand operational buildings and manage properties nationally across all sectors. This is invaluable for planning the complex logistics around fit-out management and helping our customers optimise their fit-out programmes to the benefit of all stakeholders
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