Learn how we’re helping raise compliance standards across the property management sector. Our expert Paul Cutler BA (Hons) MRICS explains how we’re doing what we do best, so you can get on with doing the same…

  • Is the investment in property and its management not the principal focus of your organisation?
  • Are you a head leaseholder with sub-tenants with the attendant responsibilities of operating a service charge and maintaining statutory compliance?
  • Is your property-related accounts process as efficient as it should be?

The RICS Professional Standard on Service Charges in Commercial Property sets out best practice in the management and administration of service charges in commercial property and provides mandatory obligations that RICS members and regulated firms engaged in this area must comply with. According to Bellrock’s own research (SCOR reports), industry compliance with the professional standard is sadly lacking and there is widespread poor accounting practice.

Paul Cutler

Paul Cutler BA (Hons) MRICS

Head of Property Management

Paul is a leading service charge expert with over 30 years’ experience in commercial property management.

The Bellrock Property Management Department comprises chartered surveyors with successful and lengthy track records in the commercial property management field who work in conjunction with a very experienced property management accounts team. This longstanding expertise gives us a unique understanding of our clients’ operational needs. Our aim is to provide a best-in-class service, fully compliant with the Professional Standard and predicated on sound accounting and processes managed by senior qualified professionals.

Bellrock property managers work closely with their colleagues who specialise in service charge consultancy work. The standard of property management work is therefore designed accordingly to withstand scrutiny and to comply with the RICS Professional Standard.

The benefits to your business

Your property manager will work closely with our accounts and service charge consultancy teams. The result is a complete service, rooted in your daily operational needs. Stand up to scrutiny, comply with the RICS Professional Standard, and enjoy benefits like:

  • Rent recoveries achieved at the correct level and improved debt collection,
  • Enhanced levels of governance and audit support,
  • Improved tenant/ sub-tenant relationships thereby minimising the risk of disputes,
  • The correct assessment and processing of tenant applications,
  • Ensuring superior lease terms are applied correctly.

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