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Contract Administration

Bespoke contract support services based on proven methods.

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Contract Administration

We offer a comprehensive service including specification, preparation of contract documents, procurement of construction services, robust on-site inspection and monitoring to ensure your product is delivered as intended.

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Contract Administration Services

How can Bellrock help?

Bellrock has a multi-disciplined team of construction professionals that can develop a bespoke service solution to satisfy the requirements of any project. Our team of professional consultants have sector leading experience in evaluating the specific needs of each client, and from that, to develop strategies to ensure the project is delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard.

We embrace the responsibilities of the Contract Administration role in overseeing and coordinating the building contract between the employer and the contractor. Our experience includes working with most JCT forms of contract and the NEC 3 & 4 contracts.

We ensure process compliance through the utilisation of our purpose-built Concerto technology platform, enabling industry leading support and a wealth of information resource.

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Contract Administration Benefits

What’s in it for you?

  • Risk reduction and mitigation
  • Proven best value procurement methods
  • Assured governance and compliance
  • Delegation of roles and responsibilities
  • Comprehensive management of project finances
  • Robust quality management process and procedures
  • Comprehensive compliance assurance of design, approvals and warranty requirements
  • Industry leading technology support platform supporting procurement, commercial management and report generation
  • Access to a comprehensive range of professional support and consultancy services
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