Your overall responses suggest that your estate maturity is:


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Integrated Digital Estate Assets

Thank you for completing the outline IDEA maturity model. As you know the model is designed to help you and Bellrock understand you Estates current level of readiness for the digital future and to provide practical advice on how to improve your estate risk and running cost.

At this stage in your estate journey you are have recognised that your Estate is a key element of your organisation’s strategic roadmap. You are likely to understand that improving maturity will be a long-term goal but you are probably unsure about how to get from today’s reality to a long term future of Smart buildings and AI.

The good news is that with a reasonably mature level of basic data the next step will be to improve the efficiency of how your basic processes are working.

Almost all Bellrock customers engage with us at this level of maturity and over the next three years with a clear desire there is no reason why you cannot move forward to achieve a fully Proficient model.

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Our recommended steps are:



Focus upon the operational process steps around planned and reactive maintenance, building in standard target operating model rules for each asset type and each supplier. Our WCS team can assist you in this regard.


Think about the treasury management and budgetary control processes around rent, rates, energy insurance and service charge management to ensure that Estate costs are better controlled. Our TRE RICS qualified estates team will be delighted to support you on improving performance here.


Build out target operating modules into your CAFM and Estate Management systems to provide standard responses and controls over your estate.

Once these steps are completed you will have a robust picture of todays cost quality and compliance levels enabling you to move to the defined level of maturity with active control of suppliers and risk levels.

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