Your overall responses suggest that your estate maturity is:


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Integrated Digital Estate Assets

Thank you for completing the outline IDEA maturity model. As you know the model is designed to help you and Bellrock understand you Estates current level of readiness for the digital future and to provide practical advice on how to improve your estate risk and running cost.

Congratulations you are already ahead of most customers who first engage with Bellrock. You have a clear understanding of your assets, the cost of running the estate and the overall levels of compliance

However, your wider understanding of supply chain benchmarks is still limited, meaning that real value for money assessments are difficult. Suppliers are likely to be overcharging you by between 10% and 30% on typical Planned and reactive activities.

 In addition, the link between day to day management and long-term changes to the Estate are not well joined together leading to risks around CDM regulations, poorly laid out management of spend decisions across an asset lifecycle and a risk that changes in assets will not be correctly updated.

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Our recommended steps are:



Focus upon management of the supply chain utilising a strategic service integrator model. Blend the best of in house and external suppliers and review cost and quality against the external market on a regular basis. Add in quantity surveying support to drive out remedial cost saving. The Bellrock Strategic service integrator model is specifically designed to help you on this journey.


Introduce a workforce scheduling and management toolkit to ensure the blend of internal and supply chain resource are utilised effectively. Bellrock’s own M&E division use such a system to improve customer outcomes on cost and quality. Our customers can access the same technology.


More mature organisations link the day to day FM and longer-term project world into a single integrated software suite. They then utilise RICS technical project experts to manage and maintain the programmes to minimise CDM regulatory risk, Bellrock’s Technical team have all the skills needed to help you build this maturity.


Utilising the projects module and analytics capabilities offered by leading software providers is a big step forward. Few software houses link all of this back to the core estate and CAFM modules, but without this step true levels of effectiveness will be illusive

Once these steps are completed you will have a robust picture of todays cost quality and compliance levels enabling you to move to the defined level of maturity with active control of suppliers and risk levels.

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