Your overall responses suggest that your estate maturity is:


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Integrated Digital Estate Assets

Thank you for completing the outline IDEA maturity model. As you know the model is designed to help you and Bellrock understand you Estates current level of readiness for the digital future and to provide practical advice on how to improve your estate risk and running cost.

This is a magnificent achievement.

You are one of only a handful of organisations worldwide who are at this level of estate management and now you are here you should be thinking about the next generation of smart building and property tech innovations that are coming down the track.

We recommend that you connect with our CTO and his team to explore how we can mutually push your strategic advantage further by using your data to provide predictive maintenance insights and interventions from the data lake you have created

We are keen to work with partners who are ready to test and trial new ideas around the use of Artificial intelligence within the FM supply chain and would love to work with such a mark leading organisation to build the next generation of Estate technology.