In facilities management, the most critical rules and regulations revolved around the criticality of fire safety. Fire tragedies such as Grenfell have resulted in a comprehensive review and overhaul of fire safety legislation to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

In the case of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the material and construction of the external walls and cladding was the primary reason for the speed at which the fire was able to spread around the building. The Grenfell inquiry panel found that the combustible cladding with polyethylene cores acted as a source of fuel. As a result of the legislation reviews, new fire safety regulations as well as methodologies have been introduced, including PAS 9980:2022.

What is PAS 9980:2022?

PAS 9980:2022 is a new code of practice that provides a methodology for fire risk appraisal of external wall construction and cladding of existing multistorey and multiple occupancy residential buildings.

PAS 9980:2022 has been introduced by BSI (British Standards Institution) to be used by fire engineers and professionals who are responsible for advising on the fire risk of external wall construction. The methodology standardises appraisals and ensures that minimum requirements are met.

The regulations also provide more comprehensive guidance on how to undertake the appraisal of external wall construction and cladding in a five-step process.

The fire risk appraisal of external walls (FRAEW) is an essential process for assessing the level of risk to occupants of the building. By providing a step-by-step guide on how to perform the assessment, all the key considerations should be met.

How does PAS 9980:2022 affect my business/assets?

The new regulations bring a more structured approach to the FRAEW process, with clearer instructions. It enables more consistent training for carrying out FRAEWs and improves the level of knowledge that fire engineers and other responsible professionals have.

In terms of assets, it provides building owners and facilities managers with clearer guidance to protect occupants. However, for many businesses, the new fire safety regulations will require extra work to meet the requirements. It may also cost more to ensure compliance with the new regulations. It may be necessary to employ a fire risk assessment expert or train existing staff who do not have the required knowledge to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Further support with the new fire safety regulations

Bellrock’s software solution, Concerto, helps businesses to improve compliance with the relevant regulations, highlighting risks through analysis of estate conditions.

Bellrock Group provide expert compliance and safety audits with qualified consultants who have up to date knowledge of the latest statutory requirements, including the amendments to the Fire Safety Order and the PAS 9980:2022 code of practice.

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