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Creating additional capacity in hospitality venues

As pubs, restaurants and the wider hospitality sector gear up for a potential gradual re-opening after July 4th, the hospitality sector faces two major headaches which our experts can help with. In common with all other  organisations, reopening requires a careful risk assessment and revised capacity plan following Covid secure guidelines. With capacity reduced, how can we re-imagine the space and increase capacity for the site to become economically more viable?

As partners to almost all the UK’s largest pub and restaurant chains, Bellrock’s unique experience can add practical guidance to help steer you through the return from lockdown.

Basic requirements for re-opening

In order to reopen, any hospitality site, the owner or manager must carry out the appropriate set of risk assessments to be satisfied that in opening the site is Covid secure. Our expertise can help you in completing the risk  assessment and in building the site’s readiness to reopen.

Surveys and Consultancy

Risk Assessment

With the Government now providing a roadmap for returning to work, the need to provide and publish a risk assessment is now clear. The steps to take that assessment will be organisation and site specific, and without health & safety guidance to assist you through the process, how do you know that you have taken all reasonable measures necessary?

We provide estate risk support to our customers. Our Covid secure tool-kit will provide you with a checklist for your own risk assessment, and we can support you further to turn it into a complete strategy to return to occupation of your sites.

Capacity Planning

A Capacity Study identifies areas of the pub or restaurant that are being re-opened and assists in developing a comprehensive guide for entry and exit planning, circulation flows, seating and access to high usage areas such as the bar, conveniences and the garden.

Additional capacity modelling can be done to look at cost effective ways to increase capacity in a Covid secure manner. Revised planning for fire evacuation and insurance requirements can be built into the review.

Equipment Re-commissioning

Statutory planned preventative maintenance regimes which have been delayed due to lockdown will need to be re-established. In addition, specific reoccupation actions centred upon water, gas electrical and airflow systems will need consideration, with particular focus upon legionella prevention.

Our experts can quickly assess your current PPM conformance and build a programme of activity to recertify your equipment for restart, whilst our cleaning partners can deliver restart` and ongoing enhanced cleaning to improve your customer and colleague peace of mind.

Supplementary Consultancy

Adding in Capacity

Your plan and risk assessments to become Covid secure will significantly reduce capacity. How can clever use of space planning and some relatively inexpensive fabric changes materially alter the footfall potential for the site?

The Maintenance & Engineering Services team at Bellrock welcome the opportunity to offer our direct service delivery to you during and beyond these difficult trading period. Our teams have continued to operate during ‘lock-down’ to ensure clients estates are safe, secure and compliant.

Designing Better Use of Space

Through clever use of space and creative design, we are able to turn external spaces traditionally left unused by your establishments into aesthetically pleasing and comfortable outdoor trading space.

  • Functional seating
  • Decking and external floor coverings i.e. artificial grass
  • Lighting and outdoor heating
  • Brand aligned hoarding and canopies to offset the elements

To support safe-spacing internally, our team will offer advice and support on design through to manufacture and installation to facilitate the creation of ‘traditional’ style snug areas within the trade areas.

Increased Sanitary and Toilet Facilities

WC facilities have quickly been identified as one of the most problematic areas within the hospitality sector for safe distancing. As there is limited internal capacity to increase these facilities, our proposal would be to provide further amenities externally through temporary portable toilets.

Our direct workforce can construct temporary structures to avoid any potential queuing in adverse weather conditions.

We are able to install sanitisation stations at entry and exit points and across the wider footprint of your properties.

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*Information offered in this webinar is in line with UK Government guidance at the time of recording.

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