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Service Charge Research

Transparent service charge costs are invaluable whether you are a tenant, a landlord or a managing agent. Service Charge Operating Reports (SCOR) presents a highly engaging view of trends in service charge management and benchmarks costs.

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Bellrock SCOR Office 2021
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SCOR for Shopping Centres 2020

Download SCOR for Shopping Centres 2020
SCOR 2021 Offices download

SCOR for Offices 2021

Download SCOR for Offices 2021

SCOR for Offices 2020

Download SCOR for offices 2020

SCOR for Offices 2019

Download SCOR for offices 2019

SCOR for Offices 2017

Download SCOR for offices 2017

SCOR for Offices 2016

Download SCOR for offices 2016

SCOR for Offices 2015

Download SCOR for offices 2015

SCOR for Retail 2018 / 19

Download SCOR for Retail 2018 /19

SCOR for Retail 2017

Download SCOR for Retail 2017

SCOR for Retail 2016

Download SCOR for Retail 2016


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