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The Concerto Project Management system has integrated mobile functionality and is designed to fully support and maintain the project environment.

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Concerto Project Management System

The Concerto Project Management System has integrated mobile functionality and is designed to fully support and maintain the project environment. It is currently employed across different industries and supports projects in both the public and private sector, including IT, property, business management, health & leisure and marketing.

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Concerto Project Management System Features

  • Benefit & success management
  • Budget & funding
  • CAD, GIS & 3D viewers
  • CDM/H&S management
  • Collaborative planning
  • Dashboards and status reports
  • Document management
  • Fee & contract management
  • Interoperability with finance/ERP systems
  • Issue and risk management
  • Kanban boards
  • KPI and SLA monitoring
  • Microsoft Project import/export
  • NEC3/4 event management
  • Orders/invoicing & valuation certificate management
  • Programme & portfolio management
  • Task management
  • Time-sheet & expenses capture
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Concerto Project Management System Benefits

  • Automated data migration process featuring a customer-centric delivery with long term
  • Central hub brings multiple systems under one overarching solution
  • Collaborative working tool for on-the-go team
  • Concerto supports all work-flows and project delivery methodologies
  • Holistic view of projects/programme performance facilitating strategic decisions
  • Improve performance, productivity and quality standards of project management functions
  • Spend time more pro-actively managing projects with no duplicated efforts
  • Role defined dashboards enabling customisation to suit job function/preferences
  • Proven cost reduction & reduced administrative burden
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Meet the Experts

James Heysmond Business Development Director BIO

James Heysmond

Business Development Director

James has a unique perspective. Before joining the business he was a client who had implemented the Concerto system. With seven years of experience he is able to guide and advise clients on a range of questions from managing compliance obligations, to mapping current processes and determining how these can be streamlined using the technology.
James also explores how new technologies, such as IOT, can make a difference to everyday facilities and property processes.

Justin Croston

Business Development Manager

The majority of Justin's career has been within the integrated workflow intelligence and software sectors, so he is perfectly placed to guide clients on the most efficient and effective workflow processes for their organizations.
Justin will take a consultative approach to advise clients on how Intelligence Workspace, such as Internet of Things can be utilized to enable a more cost effective & smarter Estate, by using the Concerto software.



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