Realigning to the Next Normal: Technology & IoT

Emerging post-Covid trends are showing us that organisations are focusing more attention on technology and IoT, looking to revolutionise new ways of working. In this webinar, panellist Greg Davies, Chief Technology Officer at Bellrock Property & Facilities Management, will be looking at some of these emerging trends such as IoT real-time monitoring, the increased use of shared workflow toolkits as well as well-being support.

Recorded Tuesday 22nd September 2020

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Technology and IoT
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About your presenter: Greg Davies

Greg Davies, CTO at Bellrock Property & Facilities Management, has a master’s degree in project management and was the technology architect for Concerto, the platform for facilities and project management and service delivery. Greg’s role is to lead the technology integration and development as well as the inter-departmental operational processes, the support engine for service delivery.

Watch the webinar