Bellrock has landed a TFM assignment by showing its new client that integration of services offered more than separate hard and soft contracts

The leading light in technology-enabled facilities management (FM), Bellrock, has been awarded a new TFM contract with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) to manage facilities management services.

The initial specification was to award separate hard and services contracts. A TFM contract was subsequently let given the possibilities of service integration enabled by the technology platform, Concerto. The technology solution allows both hard and soft services from planned and reactive maintenance to cleaning and vending to be integrated, driving a more seamless solution, as well as transparency of cost and performance.

“During the bid process the Bellrock team was able to model the possibilities of using Concerto to deliver cost savings immediately. We have also demonstrated that we can create a commercial business model that is sensitive to future budget restrictions, whilst respecting the standards set for quality of service and delivering the compliance regime.,” said David Smith, CEO, Bellrock.

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