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Party Walls

Acting for building owners & adjoining owners.

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Party Walls

Party wall representation for those undertaking construction work near a boundary and those affected by such work. Compliance with Party Wall legislation Party Wall etc. Act 1996

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Party Walls Services

How can Bellrock help?

We act for the building owners proposing to undertake work near a party wall. Bellrock assess legal and technical requirements of developer’s proposals and identifies relevant parts of the Party Wall Act. We then assess the extent of party walls impacted by proposals. Obtaining formal appointment under the Act, we Identify adjoining owners and serve relevant notices in a timely way.

Once we have identified the adjoining owners, we undertake schedules of condition of their property, produce and agree party wall awards with their surveyor and act for the adjoining owner to protect their party wall interests. Bellrock can also appoint third party surveyors under the Act, as well as monitor the construction work and agree additional awards as necessary. We check the schedule of condition on completion, receive any notices and respond accordingly. On occasion, we also agree any financial matters under the Act.

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Party Wall Benefits

What’s in it for you?

  • Anyone undertaking work near a party wall must comply with the Party Wall Act with very few exceptions. This is complex and needs to be right
  • Under the Act the building owner is the developer and the adjoining owner is the impacted neighbour
  • By undertaking the necessary activities in a timely manner, the work won’t be delayed or stopped by other owners Nearby properties are protected from damage and potential movement can be properly monitored
  • Work-flow management – using our Concerto software, we can ensure the required legal governance is followed and maintained
  • We ensure that costs are apportioned correctly so you only pay what you need to
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