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Bellrock delivers a comprehensive range of property and facilities management services harnessing our market-leading technology platform Concerto to drive value, reduce cost, and mitigate risk.

Our range of property and facilities management services are delivered through four business divisions, each intrinsically linked to support our customers work towards a fully optimised and digitalised estate.

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Bellrock exists to support organisations manage and control property-related risk

Most organisations recognise that property-related risks are increasing. This is, in large part, because of regulatory compliance trends and the global pandemic shining a light on the health, safety and well-being challenges of operating in a Covid secure manner.
We know that in order to mitigate risk, the delivery of property and FM services needs to recognise and address the wider organisations strategic priorities. When developing strategic priorities, establishing the needs of the organisation is a good starting point.
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Typical Pain Points

When assessing needs, these are the typical pain points we help our customers overcome:

  • Estates strategy does not link to organisational priorities resulting in an estate that does not support business operations
  • Lack of expertise to drive estates strategy resulting in poor decisions making and financial overspend
  • Incomplete data prohibiting advancement in their approach to Property and FM delivery
  • Inability to fully demonstrate compliance either due to lack of CAFM system or incomplete data
  • Disparate and de-centralised approach to Property and FM delivery across the estate resulting in high delivery costs
  • Unsure of true cost of Property and FM delivery due poor financial visibility of spend through CAFM or finance system
  • Service quality is poor due to lack of control over supply chain performance and cost
How we can help
Assessing your estate's pain points
How Bellrock can help

How we can help

Bellrock work with organisations to establish their needs. The first step is to establish any pain points that will impact upon the delivery of their strategic priorities.
We achieve this by:
  • Aligning estates strategy to strategic priorities and business risk areas
  • Using our Integrated Digital Estate Asset (IDEA) model we help our customers understand the maturity of their FM and property processes and data gathering
  • Implement the most efficient contracting model for their organisation that aligns to their estates strategy and drives business priorities. Our delivery models include; principal contractor (PC), management agent (MA), strategic service integrator (SSI), software only and consultancy
Working with us

Working with us

Working with Bellrock is easy, by simply selecting the contracting model that suits your organisation and add the services you require us to provide.

Bellrock is a supplier to a number of key frameworks such as the Crown Commercial Services, Efficiency East Midlands (EEM), G Cloud, for our Concerto software, Crescent Purchasing Consortium, and the Fusion21 framework for CAFM, estates and facilities management.

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Working with Bellrock

Contracting delivery models

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Property & FM Services

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Contracting delivery models

We offer a comprehensive range of contracting models to meet the needs of your organisation. Including Principal Contractor, Management Agent, Strategic Service Integrator, Software as a Service and Consultancy. Each have their unique benefits, why don’t you speak to us today about the right route for you!
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Principal Contractor

  • You want one partner to control and manage all FM services for your organisation
  • You want to transfer risk to a third party
  • You want to fix the cost for a fixed term
  • You want to drive consistency in FM process across your organisation
  • You have limited or no internal resources to manage FM within your organisation

Managing Agent

  • You want full control over spend and risk mitigation
  • You have an existing supply chain but need help managing performance
  • You want a third party to manage FM process (planned, reactive, quoted)
  • You require a 24/7 helpdesk
  • You need a CAFM system to demonstrate compliance and provide spend and performance data

Strategic Service Integrator

  • You place a high level of importance on an integrated software solution
  • You have a sophisticated attitude to risk
  • There is a high complexity associated with the business’s estate and assets
  • You have a degree of indifference to service delivery ownership
  • You want full control over spend and risk mitigation

Read more about our Strategic Service Integrator model here.

Software as a Service

  • You want to gain access to sophisticated applications where you are not responsible for updates or need to maintain any hardware, middleware or software
  • Your organisation wants to get up and running quickly, at minimal upfront cost
  • You want full control over system configuration to fit with your organisations processes
  • You only pay for what you use (modular)
  • You want to make it easy to “mobilise” your workforce because users can access SaaS apps and data from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device


  • You do not hold the technical competence within your organisation
  • You see the benefits of exposure to expertise derived from other industries and sectors
  • You require a unique solution that reflects your circumstances and aspirations
  • You need a project delivered quickly by a team that isn’t distracted by other tasks
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Our Concerto software service is IoT enabled.  The estate management, project management and workplace modular suites provide state of the art workplace, facilities and property management analytics, workflow and financial support for you and your supply chain partners.   The system can be rapidly deployed.

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Workplace Services

Our expertise and independence from the supply chain mean we can create the perfect, hard and soft FM model for your business.  We focus on ensuring the well-being and safety of your employees and visitors, with transparent risk management and cost control. 

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Our technical and real estate services are delivered by industry experts in design, project management, building surveying and property cost management.  We provide long-term support and guidance to unlock your estate and workplace ambitions.

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Our team of in-house engineers ensures safety and operational readiness by focusing on your critical assets. We assess and prioritise according to organisational dependence and compliance. Our M&E and maintenance services are part of our holistic approach to property and FM management.

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