Strategic Service Integrator

Flexibility and control over how services are managed and delivered

A Strategic Service Integrator (SSI) is an alternative to a traditional principal contracting model where control and risk is transferred to the FM provider. The SSI model provides flexibility, giving you control over how services are managed and delivered.

Is SSI right for you?
Strategic service integrator

Is Bellrock's Strategic Service Integrator right for you?

  • Do you place a high level of importance on an integrated software solution?
  • Do you have a sophisticated attitude to risk?
  • Is there a high complexity associated with your organisation’s estate and assets?

Bellrock’s Strategic Service Integrator is a delivery vehicle that provides complex and sophisticated organisations with a flexible plug and play way to deliver Property and FM services.

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Strategic Service Integrator explained

The Bellrock SSI recognises an organisation will have varying levels of estate maturity which traditional FM delivery models don’t recognise. It provides a mechanism to move up the maturity curve, enabling advancement through the maturity stages so that you can ultimately achieve a fully optimised estate over time.

The SSI offers a wide and varying range of property and FM services that can be added and removed to suit you and your current maturity stage. The services are not fixed or siloed, but are integrated to deliver your overall estate strategy. It incorporates the right blend of sub-contacted and self-delivered services to provide the most efficient workflows to drive efficiency to reduce cost and risk. The SSI model works particularly well when incorporating an organisation’s direct labour force, such as in-house maintenance team.

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Bellrock strategic service integrator explained
DEFINED: Helpdesk, PPM, Concerto, Supply chain management, Self-logging portal
PROFICIENT: Helpdesk, PPM, Concerto, Supply chain management, Self-logging portal, Invoice verification, Data & analytics, Compliance management
OPTIMISED: Helpdesk, PPM, Concerto, Supply chain management, Self-logging portal, Invoice verification, Data & analytics, Compliance management, Real estate consultancy, Energy management, Scheduling & workforce management
Concerto software solutions

SSI powered by Concerto

The SSI is powered by our award-winning property and asset management software Concerto.

The CAFM property and estate management software system is an intelligent web-based management solution. Concerto allows data to be captured in an easy and intuitive manner, anywhere, any time. The bespoke configuration is designed to reflect the client organisation’s objectives. Being driven by a single, integrated database means the CAFM software can interface with linked sites, documents, equipment and asset registers.

Concerto has successfully helped organisations for over a decade build a deep understanding of their estate and assets.

Learn more about Concerto at

Key functions of SSI

Key functions of an SSI

Helpdesk contact centre

  • 24/7/365 operation
  • Single contact number
  • Reactive and planned workflows
  • Quote & remedial management
  • Mobile apps
  • API link to vendor systems
  • Tenant query management

Self logging customer portal

  • Self logging capability
  • Compliance certification view by site
  • Task history/current task views
  • Rate your service provider function

Technical consultancy

  • Construction & project management
  • Building consultancy
  • Asset surveys
  • Compliance surveys

Real estate consultancy

  • Service charge
  • Expert witness
  • Budget & transaction management
  • Lease audits
  • Property insurance
  • Estates & portfolio management
  • Valuations
  • Acquisition & disposals

Energy management

  • Energy bureau
  • Procure, use and validate
  • BMS management
  • Core properties
  • Energy queries integrated into helpdesk function

Supply chain management

  • Site based operational quality audits
  • Procurement initiatives
  • Delivery of cost saving activities targets
  • Desktop and ‘boots on the ground’ supply chain management
  • Warranty management across multiple sites

Scheduling & workforce management

  • Direct labour work scheduling
  • Soft service planned scheduling
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Authorisation to work

Forward maintenance planning

  • Forward view of capital spend
  • Property strategy data and input

Invoice verification & audit

  • Variation management
  • Manage finance system interfaces
  • Reactive works
  • Cost validation
  • Planned works cost validation

Data & analytics

  • MI/reporting
  • KPI & performance data
  • Web portal access for all reporting & data
  • Mobile applications interface
  • FM integrated with finance & property

Compliance management

  • Statutory compliance
  • Compliance view for whole estate dynamically online
  • Statutory compliance remedials management
  • Planned activity management & visibility
  • Remote access to compliance statistics and certificates online
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Bellrock key benefits

Key benefits of an SSI solution

  • Removal of duplicate systems: Average 4-5 systems removed with a payback inside 18 months
  • Complete estate visibility in one place: Property, asset and project management on one dashboard
  • Up to 33% reduction in FM spend: Our 11-point value engineering approach typically saves customers 33% on their FM spend
  • Improved compliance and supplier performance: Average compliance 10% higher, 95% of all statutory jobs delivered on time
  • Payment checking and supplier error removal: Automated invoice matching and approval process, geo-tagging capabilities to enhance verification
  • Reduction in average order value and spend: Benchmarking of supplier costs and capabilities, pooling of jobs, providing more information to suppliers to complete jobs in one go
  • Supplier benchmarking for added market insight on cost and quality: Performance analytics across 160k sites and 1000+ suppliers
  • IoT enabled for future workforce efficiency: Automated equipment monitoring to proactively address any oncoming issues, maximising asset uptime
  • Lifecycle asset management: Line of sight on replacement cycles
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