Delivering Social Value

We believe in the principles of improving the lives of our customers, our colleagues, and the communities in which they reside through our business actions and activities.

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Social Value People

Social Value: Our Vision

We recognise that the relationships we have with the communities we and our supply chain work are crucial both to our business and the future prosperity, growth and sustainability of those communities. In short, their success will be our success.

Our vision is for a community that makes a strong recovery from the impact of COVID-19, that enhances the employment and education opportunities for everyone, that behaves responsibly and ethically, that is safe and healthy to live in, is environmentally sustainable, and makes best use of technology to enhance daily life.

We believe that Social Value is critical to each of the three stages of developing and implementing property and facilities management solutions, thus ensuring that the impact of our social value interventions is embedded for the long-term.

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Embedding Social Value solutions in bid proposals and product development


Refining Social Value solutions in consultation with customers and local communities


Delivering Social Value solutions for the long term benefit of local communities

Our Social Value Framework

Our Social Value Framework is built to increase value for our customers, our shareholders, our colleagues and our community.

Helping our customers, colleagues and communities recover from the impact of COVID-19


Promote growth & development opportunities within our community, with access to training to develop new skills and gain meaningful employment


Acting ethically in our businesses practices and engaging local businesses in our supply chain in the services we provide to customers in the public private sector


Working with local communities to create safer, healthier, more resilient places to live, learn, work and play

Technology Driven

Minimising the impact of our activities on the local environment and ensuring environmental performance is embedded in our sustainable procurement practices

Safety &

Improving the operation of our customers estates through smart technological interventions, using innovation to find new solutions to old problems


Our Social Value Pledges

Underpinning our Social Value Framework are a number of key pledges as part of our commitment to the values we uphold.

Bellrock Social Value Action Plan

Social Value Action Plan

Every contract we operate will have in place a bespoke Social Value Action Plan, tailored to the specific needs of the contract and local community in which it operates

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Partnerships with local SMEs and VCSEs

We will partner with a wide range of local SME and VCSE organisations to increase supply chain delivery of our social value commitments and enhance the communities that they serve.

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Bellrock Social Value Policy Partnerships with Local Businesses
Bellrock Social Value Policy Local Employment

Promoting local employment

We will strive to promote local employment for local contracts first, provide skills and development opportunities for our colleagues and encourage customers to work with us on giving all staff the national living wage.

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Volunteering opportunities

We will provide volunteering opportunities for our colleagues and supply chain partners to actively participate in the communities, social enterprises and charities that we support.

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Bellrock Social Value Policy Volunteering
Bellrock Social Value Policy Carbon Reduction Guidance

Carbon reduction guidance

We will offer professional guidance and advice to all our customers to facilitate a reduction in their carbon, waste and water impact upon the environment.

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Safety First Culture

We will continue to drive a safety-first culture across all the customer estates that we manage.

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Bellrock Social Value Policy Safety First Culture

Sustainability &
Carbon Net Zero:

Our Sustainability Pledge

ESG Report:

Demonstrating our commitment
to planning towards a
sustainable future