Integrated Digital Estate Assets (IDEA) Model

Assessing and developing your estates roadmap to work towards your organisation's strategic aims.

Using our IDEA model, we help our clients understand the maturity of their FM and property processes and data gathering so that we can implement the most efficient delivery model for their organisation that aligns to their estates strategy.

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IDEA Model

The future of estate management

We have mapped out an estate maturity model for all complex and  sophisticated organisations who see significant opportunity and risk mitigation in improving the way that the estate functions. Our market leading model will help you assess your organisation’s maturity and provide clear guidance steps to, over time, unlock real improvements in how your estate works towards your strategic aims and risk mitigation strategy.

Welcome to our IDEA maturity model.

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Assessing estate risk

We have always believed that customers should view their estate as a key component of their strategic plan. Properly maintained and aligned to the wider organisational goals, the customer’s estate programme will be a source of clear advantage in the delivery of those objectives.

At the same time, the leadership of any major organisation needs to consider and manage the risks associated with running that estate and ensure that they are correctly balancing those risks against the potential outcomes of estate failure.

We see these risks as:

  • Operational and Financial: Cost of managing estate and risk of disruption to core operations if property is not managed
  • Statutory and Regulatory: Failure to meet statutory and regulatory standards can lead to fines, asset closure and even criminal proceedings
  • Contracts and Services Management: The failure to manage contracts can lead to a delay in the delivery of business critical services and increase cost to business and mis-allocation of resources
  • Environmental and Cultural: Risk of creating poor workplace environment with an impact of employee retention, productivity and wellbeing
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Bellrock estate risk management
IDEA Model
Preliminary: Basic systems and processes, assets are in a spreadsheet or on paper
Aspirational: Assets not linked to suppliers, budgets or KPI outcomes
Defined: Supplier performance highlighting risks or cost opportunity is hard to identify
Proficient: Suppliers optimised but changes to estate usage not measured or managed in an integrated way
Optimised: Critical asset management and maintenance is now automated, removing time and performance risks

Maturity assessment

When establishing the maturity stage within an organisation the first step is to determine the organisations strategic priorities and areas of business risk.  To do this we use the four key business risk themes and overley with the level of data maturity within the organisation to establish an overall IDEA maturity stage and readiness for the digital future. From this initial assessment we can understand the impact of that maturity and the pain points that need resolution.

Maturity stages


At this stage in your estate journey you are unlikely to have a centralised digital view of the estate making it very difficult to implement any real lasting improvement. Your pain points will probably mean that you will have limited confidence that you have a record of all assets within the buildings, the cost of maintaining them or the level of statutory compliance levels of your obligations. This is a dangerous position to be in because you are unable to reassure your Board that there are compliant with their statutory obligations and are unable to make meaningful improvements in cost or compliance.


At this stage in your estate journey you are have recognised that your estate is a key element of your organisation’s strategic roadmap. You are likely to understand that improving maturity will be a long-term goal but you are probably unsure about how to get from today’s reality to a long term future of smart buildings and AI. The good news is that with a reasonably mature level of basic data the next step will be to improve the efficiency of how your basic processes are working. Almost all Bellrock customers engage with us at this level of maturity and over the next three years, with a clear desire, there is no reason why you cannot move forward to achieve a fully proficient model.


At this stage in your estate journey it is likely you have a clear understanding of your assets, the cost of running the estate and the overall levels of compliance. However, your wider understanding of supply chain benchmarks is still limited, meaning that real value for money assessments are difficult. Suppliers are likely to be overcharging you by between 10% and 30% on typical planned and reactive activities. In addition, the link between day to day management and long-term changes to the estate are not well joined together. This can lead to risks around CDM regulations, poorly laid out management of spend decisions across an asset lifecycle and a risk that changes in assets will not be correctly updated.


At this stage in your estate journey you are one of only a handful of organisations that are at this level of maturity in the way they integrate their organisational strategy, their estate strategy and their data maturity. However, there is still one maturity level to be reached. At this point you have worked through the estate programme and your buildings are compliant, energy efficient, running at today’s benchmark cost levels and are properly aligned to the organisational long-term goals. However, you still have too much of your operational process reliant upon people and the link between the building and the well-being of it’s occupiers is something you would still like to crack. How can IOT and the intelligent workplace help you in this regard?


At this stage in your estate journey you are one of only a handful of organisations worldwide who are at this level of estate management. Now you are here, you should be thinking about the next generation of smart building and property technological innovations that are coming down the track. We recommend that you connect with our CTO and his team to explore how we can mutually push your strategic advantage further by using your data to provide predictive maintenance insights and interventions from the data lake that you have created.

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We've built a market leading assessment model

From this assessment we can help you to understand the impact of that maturity and the pain points that need resolution. It will provide you will an initial view of your current estate maturity relative to the most advanced in the UK and a high level output for you to consider for next steps.

Take the IDEA maturity assessment now!
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