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Maturity Assessment

At Bellrock we have always believed that customers should view their estate as a key component of their strategic plan. Properly maintained and aligned to the wider organisational goals the customers estate programme will be a source of clear advantage in delivery of those goals. At the same time the leadership of any major organisation needs to consider and manage the risks associated with running that estate and ensure that they are correctly balancing those risks against the potential outcomes of estate failure.

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    We have mapped out an estate maturity model for all complex and sophisticated organisations who see significant opportunity and risk mitigation in improving the way that the estate functions. We have built a market leading model to help you assess your maturity and clear guidance steps to increase that over time to unlock real improvements in how your estate works towards your organisation’s strategic aims.

  • Instructions

    In each section, please select the single statement that most represents your organisation.

  • How well does your organisation currently track and manage estate use and condition?
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  • How well is the organisation connected between supply chain and in-house teams to provide a seamless, low risk approach to keeping the estate running?
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  • How well does the organisation make holistic decisions around the estate based upon a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements?
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  • How well does the Estates Strategy align to the needs of the organisation now and in the future to deliver the overall business objectives?
  • How well do the organisation's environmental targets and commitments align to the estate strategy?
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  • Each of the questions you answer holds a score, some questions carry a higher weighting than others. The scores from each question are then added together to produce a final score.
    We're committed to providing the very best service, so once we receive your score - we evaluate, assess and make any necessary improvements.