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Workplace & Compliance

Our expertise and independence from the supply chain mean we can create the perfect, hard and soft FM model for your business. We focus on ensuring the well-being and safety of your employees and visitors, with transparent risk management and cost control.

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Hard FM

Bellrock offers a full range of Hard FM services either directly through our Maintenance and Engineering Services division or through carefully selected supply chain partners.

Our Hard FM services typically cover:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Water Management
  • Fire
  • Security systems
  • Energy Management

We help you mitigate compliance risk by ensuring full conformity to statutory regulations and industry standards such as SFG20 and HTMs.

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Soft FM

Bellrock manage a full range of Soft FM services either directly or through carefully selected supply chain partners. Click here to understand more about effective supply chain management.

Our Soft FM services typically cover:

  • Cleaning
  • Security, Reception & Porterage
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Catering
  • Waste
  • Pest Control
  • Caretaker & Handyman
  • Washroom & Hygiene
  • Reprographics

We help you provide healthy and safe environments through effective Soft FM delivery which is essential for every business to operate efficiently.

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Bellrock hard fm services

Hard FM

The starting point is to have a good data set providing a very clear picture of the type and quantities of assets that require maintaining. Once understood,  we develop a bespoke planned preventative maintenance regime that takes account of the criticality of your asset to your business operations.

Using our marketing leading CAFM system Concerto we manage key process flows for planned, reactive, remedial and quoted works and provide access to our 24/7/365 helpdesk for emergencies.

Spend, performance and compliance data is reported through bespoke dashboards providing a multi layered holistic view of your estate, which when linked to asset condition data facilitates data driven decisions about your assets and buildings.


  • Takes the pressure out of running the estate as we take on full responsibility for cost and service quality, freeing you time to concentrate on your core business
  • We have your building occupier best interests at heart, providing compliant and safe workplaces
  • Unlimited access to our CAFM system to control spend, performance and compliance reporting
  • Proactive maintenance regimes that focusses on prolonging asset life and reduce downtime of critical assets
  • Up to date asset data linking to wider asset management plan and estates strategy
  • Management of specialist suppliers to control performance and spend
  • Access to technical expertise when things go wrong
Soft FM

Soft FM

Effective Soft FM delivery happens when all building user interactions are positive; from receiving a warm welcome as they enter the building, to a clean desk and hygienic well stocked toilets. We work with you to build the right solutions that meet with your organisational priorities.

We believe in a multi-skilled team approach that focuses on the overall customer experience. By making the best use of resources we aim to provide the most efficient delivery solution that support your business operations.


  • Takes the pressure out of running your estate by taking full responsibility for cost and service quality, freeing your time to enable you to concentrate on your core business
  • Get a fresh perspective
  • Easy to add additional services or properties
  • Access to skilled personnel and equipment
  • CAFM and performance analytics to make data driven decisions
  • Multi-skilled approach to delivery providing efficiencies
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Bellrock soft fm services

Workplace Compliance Services

A key part of what we do within our Workplace and Compliance Service business division is the management of supply chain and delivery of a 24/7 helpdesk service whilst focusing on the health and well-being of our own people and our customers.

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The helpdesk is the nerve-centre for deploying, tracking and analysing planned preventative maintenance and customer-reported requests. Our 24/7/365 facility based at our head office in Leicester uses a combination of media and pre-agreed procedures to communicate with customers tailored entirely to the needs of your organisation.

We handle over 400,000 calls and up to 1.3m emails and requests from our self-service online portals and mobile apps every year. Workflows are managed by our cutting-edge technology platform ensuring specific SLAs and KPIs are both achieved and exceeded by both the helpdesk and the supply chain.

Get in touch to learn how you can improve the effectiveness of your planned and reactive maintenance processes.

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Health and safety legislation and best practice is increasing in focus for the leaders of any organisation. Creating a safe environment requires organisations to, as minimum, meet the regulatory requirements. Our team not only has the technical knowledge to test and maintain equipment, but the ability to schedule compliance activities alongside general planned preventative maintenance, creating a central database to demonstrate compliance. This reduces costs and risk and drives efficiencies.

Get in touch to learn how you can reduce your risk and improve rates of compliance across your estate. 

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Strategic Procurement

Our procurement team becomes an extension of your procurement activities. The first step is to understand the requirements in terms of technical capabilities, geographic reach and cost objectives. Our procurement team has experience and knowledge of over 1000 carefully selected national supply chain partners across the range of hard and soft facilities services delivered on a planned and reactive basis. Bellrock’s procurement expertise delivers significant costs savings, ensuring a competent, safe and compliant supply chain.

Get in touch to learn how our CIPS qualified team fill gaps in your supply chain to reduce risk and uncertainty for critical asset maintenance.

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Health & Well-being

The link between well-being and productivity in the workplace has been extensively documented. Bellrock advises and contributes to wellness programmes that balance practical solutions such as increasing nutrition and dietary choices, and improving air and light quality with awareness programmes. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of building fabric condition and maintenance can support cost effective solutions to re-purpose existing spaces and update ambient services to improve the working environment.

Get in touch to find out how Bellrock can make your workplace more productive with our technology enabled services.

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Intelligent Workplace

Devices such as smart light bulbs and thermostats can turn a workplace in to an intelligent ecosystem. The IoT makes connections between various devices, collecting data and presenting it for more informed decision making. Bellrock works with third party product providers to ensure that data is streamed to our Concerto software platform. Our team of on-site facilities managers understand the workplace, helping our software teams to deploy sensors and smart products to gather insightful data that will ultimately streamline service delivery.

Get in touch to find out how Bellrock can streamline your workflow processes and help you make informed decisions about your estate.

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Supply Chain

Supply chain management is at the heart of any facilities and workplace delivery solution. Our CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) qualified team manages the supplier selection process. We independently assess competence, geographical reach and price, drawing up robust contracts and managing supplier performance. This activity is key to the integrity of our supply chain and is also undertaken on your behalf for your own supply chain. Applying this expertise provides significant cost savings and ensures competent, safe and compliant service providers.

Get in touch to learn how our CIPS qualified team manages the supply chain to reduce risk and uncertainty for critical asset maintenance.

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Meet the Experts

Mike Smart tab for bio

Mike Smart

Managing Director - Workplace and Compliance

Workplace expert in public sector projects.

Mike Smart has significant experience of managing complex public sector projects. His portfolio of contracts includes some of the most mature PFI contracts in the UK, LiftCos and SPVs where Bellrock is a significant shareholder. Mike brings energy and drive raising standards in performance and delivering value. Mike is leading the development of the bespoke Concerto platform to integrate the complex KPI reporting structures often demanded by public sector contracts.

500 x 357 team Annette Best

Annette Best

Managing Director Workplace & Compliance Services - Commercial

Annette joined the group in June 2020 as a Strategic Accounts Director and was promoted to Managing Director Workplace & Compliance Services - Commercial in 2021 and is responsible for all WCS contracts within the commercial sector.

Annette brings to the table over 20 years of industry expertise and experience, having previously held senior positions at Norland, ISS, Sodexo and Johnson & Johnson.

Business Development Director Bio Kelly Long Bellrock

Kelly Long

Business Development Director – Commercial

Workplace expert in the corporate, retail and leisure sectors.

With over 20 years’ experience in property and facilities management, Kelly is the Bellrock expert for the corporate, retail and leisure sectors. Kelly has been creating service solutions to increase compliance, reduce cost and improve the customer experience and that of the in-house teams who work there. Kelly understands that the environment typifies the brand. In dynamic sectors it must keep pace with every changing consumer needs.

Kelly is focused on using technology to streamline processes and use data to make informed and effective decisions about the workplace.

Demitri Maldonando Business Develop Director- Corporate BIO

Demitri Maldonado

Business Development Director – Government / Local Authority

Workplace expert in the government, healthcare and local authority sectors.

Demitri has over 15 years’ experience working developing property and facilities solutions with the public sector. He has been involved with local authority that are investing and developing property in order to generate additional income streams, with healthcare using property to support a commitment to providing the best possible care to the community at large and with central government projects to share resources and improve the provision of effective management information.

Demitri is committed to helping clients identify the best outcomes using good practice underpinned by technology.

500 x 357 team Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

Business Development Director - Education

Lee has a wealth of experience across both the Private and Public sectors, providing added value and innovation to the mechanical and electrical contracts to various clients. His sectors of expertise include education, health care, major retailers, industrial facilities and private enterprise.

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