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Information is key.

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Information is key.

Do you want your projects to be designed smarter and more efficiently?

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BIM Services

How can Bellrock help?

Bellrock understands that projects require good communication and coordination to allow for the successful completion of a design, and that Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D coordinated drawings help to achieve this whilst providing you with a detailed package of building specific information.

By using the latest 3D modelling software packages, Bellrock can work together with your organisation and the other members of the design team to produce a fully coordinated and clash detected 3D BIM model. The production of this level of detail enables us to be able to provide a visual representation of the finished project before work on site begins. This aides in the reduction of onsite complications that can result in additional costs and time. Bellrock also offers the ability to link to our Concerto Facilities Management Software.

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BIM Benefits

What’s in it for you?

  • Allows for the demonstration of the design intent by providing a 3D visualisation of the project from concept through to hand over
  • Transparency of the schemes progress is improved as it allows for continued access to the project through all design stages
  • Enables closer collaboration and communication between all parties of the design team, allowing for a better decision-making process
  • 3D Coordination drawings and BIM allows end users of the project to visualise how it will look at hand over and reduce any potential disruption at an earlier stage within the design
  • The deliverables being provided are created using an up to date collaborative model with input from the Architects, Structural Engineers and our in-house M&E Design Engineers. This allows for a well-coordinated package of information including services layouts, elevations, sections, schedules and take-offs; therefore, allowing greater accuracy and quality

Efficiency and cost savings are improved as 3D Coordination drawings and BIM offers:

  • Prefabrication of design elements
  • Reduces rework
  • On-site clashes and subsequent RFI’s are reduced as the Model has been clash detected between all trades throughout the project
  • Schedules and take-offs are produced directly from the model allowing exact quantities to be procured which reduces site wastage
  • Improved facilities management as models provide accurate as-built documentation that can incorporate more thorough asset information which is readily accessible and can be linked to Bellrock group’s Concerto software
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