At Bellrock we think about the future. We are constantly refining our technology toolkit to harness the benefits of automation, preparing for a world where IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence are used as a matter of course to drive more effective workplace strategies.

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Concerto is a unique, mobile-enabled property, project, and CAFM software platform with real-time analytics powered by a rich database. Our mobile functionality and big data development continues to keep us at the forefront of technology – providing best in class, pragmatic, data-driven solutions for all our loyal customers.

The platform provides organisations with transparency of cost and performance, and reducing risks – all while saving money and increasing efficiency.
Concerto simplifies internal processes, reducing complexity and improving communication. The powerful analytics programme displays complex property information in a simple, easy to understand format for anyone to access across the organisation.

The analytics suite is tailored to three broad service categories:

  • Maintenance and engineering  – To benchmark suppliers’ cost and performance.
  • Technical and real estate – To manage the estate strategy and create a database of property related information from condition surveys to leases, treasury, service charge and insurance and assets.
  • Workplace and compliance – To manage compliance related activities.

Concerto is simple to mobilise – using either cloud or customer hosting options and can integrate with the world’s leading software platforms . Concerto is tailored to each client organisation from a brand, processes and budgeting perspective.
Once installed the return on investment can be in as little as 12 months, with customers experience rapid gains in statutory compliance rates and reductions in operating costs.

We have worked hard to ensure that Concerto is prepared for the future. We have built Concerto to be GDPR compliant. It is IoT and BIM enabled, and SaaS ready capable of cloud or customer hosting.

How Concerto becomes integral to your organisation:

  • A single database for your estate for more informed decision-making.
  • Accurate records of compliance-related activities.
  • Consistency of work processes and standards
  • Analysis platform for costs and treasury records.
  • Management tool for large scale, projects and programmes, involving multiple stakeholders and finance.
  • Effective and cohesive planning for long term estate strategy.
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Customer retention over 10 years Concerto has never lost a customer.


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Concerto at Bellrock

Concerto underpins everything at Bellrock. We use it as a platform to manage our clients’ estates, allowing them to see all of their workplace, estate and property data through one lens.

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We have a proven track record of creating seamless, automated interfaces to and from the Concerto system. As the software is part of our intellectual property, our in-house developers are able to write bespoke integration code aligning to the project deadlines.

The benefits of an open protocol system from the user perspective include:

  • Accuracy: Synchronous data-sets create accurate and seamless information.
  • Efficiency: Drives the automation of manual processes leading to tangible savings.
  • Collaboration: Integrations support collaborative working between different departments enabling strategic decision with the exchange of rich data.
  • Security: System integrations can provide a more secure method of data transfer than traditional methods such as emailing or shared storage.
  • Environmental impact: Integrating systems enables more paperless processes thereby reducing waste.

The Concerto team has created integrations with the following software systems: Agresso, ESRI, Oracle, Sage, SAP, and Systems Link.

Get in touch to discuss any integration for your systems and requirements.

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Intelligent workplace IoT

Intelligent Workplace

The future of the workplace and property is a technology led one that few people are ready for and few suppliers can support. IoT is a technology development that has exciting opportunities for workplace and property management. Automated workflows and need- based service deployment are just two examples of how this fast pace of technology development can drive a more cost effective and efficient service, minimising disruption and downtime.

Bellrock has developed a state of the art technology suite, Concerto that provides an engine to capture and manage data from IoT devices such as sensors, drones and 3D imaging cameras, triggering workflow requests to nominated suppliers. This enables real time decisions to be made within the workplace to often fix issues before they are even registered with users.

The starting point to developing any IoT solution is a robust data led approach. Mapping the estate and assets and their lifecycle programmes, and the planned and reactive workflows means you can target where sensors can be introduced to maximise automation and streamline service delivery.

Bellrock’s Concerto software creates a database for all aspects of property and facilities information, from mechanical and electrical assets to building fabric condition and service charge. There are no other providers who bring you a real vision and roadmap of delivery for the future. Bellrock is leading the market in creating one technology led workplace solution encompassing AI and IoT

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