Your overall responses suggest that your estate maturity is:


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Integrated Digital Estate Assets

Thank you for completing the outline IDEA maturity model. As you know the model is designed to help you and Bellrock understand you Estates current level of readiness for the digital future and to provide practical advice on how to improve your estate risk and running cost.

At this stage in your estate journey you are unlikely to have a centralised digital view of the estate making it very difficult to implement any real lasting improvement.

Your pain points will probably mean that you will have limited confidence that you have a record of all assets within the buildings, the cost of maintaining them or the level of statutory compliance levels of your obligations. 

This is a dangerous position to be in because you are unable to reassure the Board that they are compliant with their statutory obligations and are unable to make meaningful improvements in cost or compliance.

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Our recommended steps are:



Undertake an asset survey to log each of your estates key assets, their location and condition.


Develop a planned preventative maintenance regime based on known assets detailed in your
asset surveys, focusing on statutory and legislative requirements such as SFG20.


Develop procurement strategy on delivery of planned and reactive maintenance.


Platform this basic data (asset lists and ppm schedules) onto an estate management system.

Once these steps are complete you will then be in a position to start considering ways to improve the working relationships between your building users the onsite estate professionals and third-party suppliers in making the estate run more smoothly.

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