Your overall responses suggest that your estate maturity is:


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Integrated Digital Estate Assets

Thank you for completing the outline IDEA maturity model. As you know the model is designed to help you and Bellrock understand you Estates current level of readiness for the digital future and to provide practical advice on how to improve your estate risk and running cost.

Wow you really are one of only a handful of organisations that are this mature in the way they integrate their organisational strategy, their estate strategy and their data maturity, but there is still one step to go to be world class.

At this point you have worked through the estate programme and your buildings are compliant, are energy efficient, are running at today’s benchmark cost levels and are properly aligned to the organisational long-term goals.

However, you still have too much of your operational process reliant upon people and the link between the building and the well-being of it’s occupiers is something you would still like to crack. How can IOT and the intelligent workplace help you in this regard?

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Our recommended steps are:



World class organisations today understand their critical operational assets and the impact that failure or downtime will have upon them. They have built an Intelligent Workplace layer that monitors BMS and IOT devices for critical tolerance issues, and have linked these back into a sophisticated workflow rules engine to minimise potential downtime. At Bellrock our intelligent workplace ecosystem works with customers on these assets to minimise operational failure.


Similar devices also measure and monitor air quality, humidity and temperature to improve colleague and customer comfort levels and help maintain productive environments.


Enlightened organisations are looking at the physical environment and the provisions of facilities services to improve the mental well-being of customers, colleagues and general users of an estate. At Bellrock our real estate consultancy team can support you on this journey.

Once complete you will have created a real competitive advantage from your efforts, with both a fabulous environment in which to operate, and a clear refined cost efficient way of maintaining that position.

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