Webinar | Realigning to the Next Normal: Estate Risk Management

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Realigning to the Next Normal: Estate Risk Management

Before our eyes, the world changed. And now, as society slowly emerges from lockdown, we are having to accept that any return to a pre-COVID normal may never happen. Organisations are now looking at their strategies to align to what is being referred to as the #NextNormal.

Perceptions of estate risk are now likely to be in a continuous elevated state with the level of focus and conscious need to protect its users being higher than ever. In this webinar, panellist Dr. John Hamilton, Director of HSEQ at Bellrock Property & Facilities Management, will be looking at the rise of the health and safety agenda alongside expected legislative changes, tightening the need for risk assessments and evidence of compliance.

*Recorded Tuesday 6th of October, 2020

*Advice given in this webinar regarding Covid-19 recommendations reflects the Government guidelines in place at the time of this recording.


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