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Dilapidations Consultancy

Bellrock provide specialist dilapidation consultancy services, offering advice to landlords and tenants on breach of lease repairing, statutory, decoration and reinstatement covenants in relation to building services.

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Dilapidation consultancy services to help you reduce your dilapidation costs

Bellrock’s dilapidations consultancy specialists offer expert advice to both landlords and tenants on lease dilapidation matters.

The dilapidations procedure is governed by a legislative framework and legal case law.

What we do

  •  Inspect the property and analyse landlord dilapidation claims either during the lease “interim” or at the end of the lease “terminal”
  • Review lease to establish tenant dilapidation liability
  • Prepare dilapidation liability assessments
  • Project costs for best-case and worst-cast scenarios and advise strategy
  • Negotiate with landlord’s surveyor to reduce liabilities & costs
  • Assess whether more economic for tenant to carry out building works
  • Procure and implement building works if more cost-effective
  • Assist in planning exit strategy or new lease negotiation

Case study 1

Large supermarket retailer served with terminal dilapidation claim in Central London, for the sum of £543k. Following lease review to clarify liabilities, and application of statutory protection provisions, claim settled at £29,500, a saving of 6%.

Case Study 2

Leisure goods retailer served with terminal schedule of dilapidations totalling £303k. Review of lease revealed tenant covenants incorrectly applied and tenant not Further, Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 afforded further protection which had not been considered. Claim reduced to nil.

Case Study 3

Separate dilapidation claims made against portfolio of seven high street retail stores totalling £364,513 – lease review, site inspections and dilapidation negotiation resulted in overall saving of £221k or 95%.


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