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Building Consultancy

Our building consultancy team has experience in all sectors, including conservation and historic buildings. Based across the UK, our chartered surveyors offer technical advice and guidance when acquiring or disposing of assets and offer a full range of surveys. In addition, we have significant experience in contract administration and the re-modelling or alteration of existing buildings. We have experts in dilapidations, strategic property consultancy and working within complex care and health facilities.

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Bellrock’s multi-disciplinary team analyses the physical condition of your buildings and mechanical and electrical assets together with statutory compliance, space utilisation, functional suitability and environmental performance.

Pre-Acquisition Surveys

Due diligence advice can be provided to investors, funders, financiers, developers and occupiers prior to acquisition or disposal of individual buildings or property portfolios.  Bellrock’s team provides expert professional advice regarding the technical suitability and risks associated with the asset for purchase to enable you to make informed decisions.

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6 Facet Surveys

The 6 Facet Survey is a statutory requirement for NHS Estates and forms core information required by HBN 00-08 (NHS Estate Code). It aligns with the NHS Premises Assurance Model (PAM), the updated ERIC returns and the Carter and Naylor Review.  Known as ‘A risk based methodology for establishing and managing backlog’, 6 facet surveys help NHS clients intelligently assess their estate, backlog maintenance, investment requirements and asset strategies.  Our consultants are fully up to date with current legislation and best practice.

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Condition Surveys

Condition surveys of fabric and mechanical and electrical assets provide a platform for creating maintenance programmes and schedules for replacement during the life cycle of both the building and the equipment. Information can be provided at varying levels of detail to suit operational and strategic requirements. Supporting advice includes forward maintenance spend profiling, statutory legislative compliance and life cycle predictions and costings.

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Compliance Surveys

Specific surveys to assess compliance of buildings and assets are essential for understanding areas of risk for organisations.  Our consultants audit against specific property legislation including the Equality Act (DDA), fire safety legislation, asbestos management and health and safety legislation.  Continual professional development to ensure an understanding of current legislation and best practice across all sectors is essential for all Bellrock consultants.

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Measured Surveys

Survey of existing / new buildings including preparation of as built general arrangement drawings / floor plans, sections, elevations, details etc. As built drawings for H&S Files / O&M Manuals, lease / licence drawings for landlords / tenants. Preparation of drawings to calculate floor areas for leases / room data information, condition survey requirements etc. Management of clients master drawings including revision control.

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Schedule of Condition

Schedule of Condition – Our team prepare schedules of condition as evidence to record property condition for a number of reasons. This may be prior to development commencing, in conjunction with party wall awards or lease events to protect both occupiers, landlords and developers.

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Our team offers expert advice to both landlords and tenants on lease dilapidation matters.  This includes breach of lease repairing, statutory, decoration and reinstatement covenants, as well as strategic advice.  Dilapidations procedure is governed by a legislative framework and legal case law.

We prepare interim and terminal schedules of dilapidations including claims from landlords. We negotiate and make recommendations on the settlement of these claims and can act to procure works for tenants to discharge lease dilapidations in lieu of a financial settlement. We also offer general dilapidations advice and liability assessments and can provide expert witness advice in the event of litigation.

Contract Administration

Bellrock is a ‘one-stop shop’ for delivering refurbishment, alteration or conversion projects.  Our team identifies and manages risk during the whole project life-cycle .  Activities include feasibility studies and appraisals, design of works and preparation of drawings and specifications, applications for statutory consents, commercial management, project management and administration of the construction contract.

In addition, we operate robust change control procedures and monitor and certify quality for an effective handover of the completed works.

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Project Monitoring

Advice to potential investors, funders, landlords or occupiers of new build developments concerning; specification, design, statutory obligations, professional appointments, contracts and warranties. The service is supported by site inspections to monitor compliance with agreements and current building standards. We monitor and advise on risk, snagging and ensure the works are commissioned and handed over correctly prior to occupation. We use our case technology to track documentation changes, manage the documentation flow and ensure lawyers, clients, funders and managing agents are kept fully appraised of progress and variations.

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Licence for Alterations

The Bellrock team advises landlords and tenants on the practicality of altering and adapting existing buildings where licences are required in accordance with the lease terms. This includes reviewing legal and technical documents to assess proposals and advise on the licence content and documents to be appended to licence. Subsequently, we monitor works undertaken and manage compliance with the licence agreements.

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Insurance Management


We provide technical support to our Insurance management team and loss adjusters to assess damage to property, input into insurance claims and where required, procure and manage the re-instatement works following an event. In addition, using our in-house technical experts we undertake insurance reinstatement assessments on behalf of property owners to assist with valuing property insurance.

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Party Walls

Providing advice to the Building Owner and/ or Adjoining Owners in respect of the Party Wall Act, including pre-development advice, reviewing proposals, preparation and issue of notices and formal awards. This is supported by Schedules of Condition and other technical assessments of the proposed works. Site inspections are undertaken as necessary, to review the progress of works. Party Wall advice is governed by the Party Wall Act which includes a number of procedural and time based requirements.

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Over sailing Agreements & Licence for Access

Providing advice to developers on agreements and licences in connection with proposed works, based on identification of affected neighbours: negotiation and preparation of draft agreements, preparation of Schedules of Condition and other technical assessments of the proposed works to support the preparation and completion of an agreement.

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Right of Light

Initial advice to developers and neighbours on the implications of proposals and on the need for further studies and assessments with advice on and management of agreements and settlement of negotiations. Rights of Light are governed by Legislation and case law

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Defects Diagnosis

Investigation, assessment, advice and recommendations on defects and issues affecting built assets. Advice starts with an assessment of the scope of investigation required, followed by a review of available technical documents, coordination of other technical specialists (if required) and liaison with the clients professional team. If required, it will be supported by the provision of Expert Witness advice in the event of litigation.

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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies and option appraisals on all types of potential projects, considering existing condition, layouts, function, alterations, costs, risks, statutory compliance and the clients or building users end operational goals.

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NEC Supervisor

Acting as the NEC Supervisor in accordance with the Engineering Construction Contract, the role differs slightly to a traditional Clerk of Works. We act independently of the Project Manager and are responsible for monitoring, witness testing, checking compliance, and ensuring works are carried out in accordance with the construction contract. This role is a variant of ‘quality monitoring’ and is specific to the NEC contract suite, used by many public sector clients.

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