Bellrock’s Viktoria Sherriff, Recruitment Resourcing Manager, attended The Empowerment of Black and Asian Female Leaders Employer Covenant Conference on the 17th October.

Diversity Covenant 

The event held at Aston University was supported by Mims Davies Secretary of State for Social Mobility, and Andy Street Mayor of Birmingham. It marked the official launch of a new covenant set up to nurture the next generation of black and Asian female leaders.

Only 4.6% of UK leadership roles are held by people of black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds, the covenant set up by Estella Edwards, asks companies to commit to providing opportunities to address this disparity.

An Event For Real Change

A key part of the event was the focus on targeted recruitment strategies. The sessions provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by underrepresented communities and offered concrete solutions for recruiters and employers looking to diversify their workforce. The event and covenant creator Estella Edwards has always been clear in her passion for real change and that was evident throughout the event that featured tangible and practical advice.

Meaningful Connections 

Networking can have authentic benefits within business including opening partnerships and employment opportunities. The Black and Asian Female Leaders Employer Covenant Conference featured well-organised networking opportunities that facilitated meaningful connections for attendees.

Learnings from the insightful event will enable Bellrock to explore ways in which we can remove barriers to the recruitment of underrepresented groups, including black and Asian women, into leadership positions.

The Empowerment of Black and Asian Female Leaders Employer Covenant conference was an excellent platform for discussing diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on targeted recruitment. The content, speakers, and organisation of the event were impressive. I am excited to see how this conference will continue to grow and make a positive impact in the field of employability for Black and Asian communities.”

Viktorija Sherriff, Recruitment Resourcing Manager