Our recent event was the perfect opportunity to catch up with colleagues and get their take on our overall direction. But what does it all mean for our clients, and how do they benefit from our way of working?

Bellrock’s recent leadership event, themed around being united in excellence, driven by precision, was full of eye-opening reasons to celebrate. For me, seeing business performance captured in reports isn’t quite enough. You only get a feel for the work when you hear from those doing it.

Consistency, sustainability, quality and innovation were the words on everyone’s lips, and our clients recognise this. Across our three lines of business, Bellrock teams achieved an average NPS (Net Promoter Score) of +39, with some areas hitting as high as +83.

Our goal is to push that average up over 50 by 2026, a target that’s potentially achievable even quicker now. New additions to our family are already adding value for clients.

Growing our family, developing our services

Recent months have seen Bellrock acquire Mobiess and Capital & Provincial. These weren’t chance or opportunistic moves; each represents a deliberate strategic decision, aligned with what clients told us they wanted.

Mobiess gives us a mobile technology stack and skilled team of developers which can expand the capabilities of Concerto, our software platform for managing assets, facilities and estates. Greater functionality means a more comprehensive service for those we work alongside. We know that our clients need insights on their property and estates to help them achieve their strategic goals and our tech-driven services do just that across Bellrock’s delivery.

With C&P on board, that client base can extend further, into new sectors. They’ve had a strong presence, with repeat customers, in areas like hospitality, residential, technical, and corporate industry since 1983. Their team of over 20 experts have more than two combined centuries of experience. That’s exactly the level of expertise our clients have come to expect.

And of course, we’re far from finished growing. Any entity which expands our technology stack, extends our reach, and develops our service competence are ideal Bellrock candidates. I’m confident that we will have further acquisitions to announce in 2024.

Celebrating achievement, looking to the future

Of course, we’re equally keen to recognise long-standing achievement from established members of our teams, which is why we run our internal Beacon Awards scheme.  The awards aim to shine a light on the professionalism, creativity and kindness shown by individuals and teams across the Bellrock Group.

This year there were nine award categories – all a reflection of Bellrock Group’s core values – and nominations were open to all colleagues across the business. We were blown away by the 225 nominations that came in.

We were proud to recognise many colleagues for their unwavering efforts in servicing our clients and the communities they work within.

It’s work like theirs that secures our reputation. We listen, we focus on client needs, and we get it right first time wherever humanly possible. I spent the event beaming with pride at the work our teams have been doing, and the targets they’ve been smashing.

All of which puts us on a strong footing as we look towards the rest of the year. Whatever the outcome of the election, budgetary reality is going to be changing. Our priority is on staying versatile and helping clients navigate the new terrain.

I mentioned technology before, and it bears repeating here as our chosen focus for 2024. Clients know that the right technology and the insight it provides, can make a huge difference, when it’s deployed by the right people with clear outcomes in mind. We’re those people, and our partners will continue to benefit from our guidance and counsel in picking the best possible solutions.

After an energising event, packed with optimism, I can’t help but look to the rest of the year with positivity. No doubt challenges await us, but we’re ideally placed to meet them together with confidence.