More and more NHS Trusts are counting on Bellrock for mission-critical property management consultancy. Here’s why…

Commercial leases give tenants and landlords their respective rights and obligations. Tenants get to make use of premises in exchange for maintaining them appropriately and paying rent on time. In exchange, landlords are typically obliged to insure buildings and sometimes provide communal services.

In NHS Trust or Welsh Local Health Board (LHB) buildings with multiple occupancy, these Trusts and LHBs might have extra responsibilities, such as operating a service charge to fund communal services, along with their obligations to maintain statutory compliance.

Understandably, operational considerations of the Trust or LHB take rightful precedence but landlord obligations under the terms of the tenants’ leases can sometimes get overlooked.

If those obligations, and the RICS Professional Standard on Service Charges in Commercial Property aren’t met, problems can arise, particularly if tenants raise queries. Costs of certain repair and maintenance works may or may not be recoverable from the tenants, which will inevitably have implications for both the funding and timing of such works.

A higher standard of property management support

To negotiate and satisfy the myriad requirements of managing buildings with multiple occupancy while maintaining front line services, Trusts and LHBs who are landlords can benefit from the advice of chartered surveyors who specialise in property management disciplines.

Bellrock’s Property Management Department comprises chartered surveyors with a successful track record in commercial property management, including health centres and doctors’ surgeries.

The surveyors work alongside our very experienced property management accounts team providing longstanding expertise across the department, which gives us a good understanding of what organisations such as NHS Trusts and LHBs need. This service can be supplemented by Bellrock’s specialist transaction management and supply chain management teams.

If you are an NHS Trust or LHB who could benefit from this kind of advice, support and expertise please get in touch with us.

Paul Cutler BA (Hons) MRICS

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