Bellrock believes in the NHS, and we love working with the people who make it possible. Here’s to all of you, and to our enduring partnership.

On 5th July 2023, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) will have been caring for our society for 75 years. Its mission to provide free healthcare to all has transformed our nation for the better, uniting us and healing us.

Bellrock has proudly supported this mission at every step. Our longest-serving colleague on an NHS contract has worked with them for no less than 53 years! So, it’s with the very deepest respect that we mark the occasion by saluting our partners’ outstanding work.

“The NHS is a powerful force for social good. It does more than care for our health, it brings us together. We’ve all relied on it at some point and many of us, myself included, have worked on its front lines.

We know how hard they work for us, because our own people are right there lending support. I take immense pride in the partnership between the NHS and Bellrock. It’s such a strong, lasting relationship because both sides put people first.”

Paul BeanCEO

Bellrock and the NHS in numbers

Right now, 118 of our colleagues are working on NHS contracts; a combined total of 139 years of partnerships. With an average compliance score of 92.64, we’ve got the successful track record to match that amount of time served.

Nowhere is this clearer than at West Berkshire Community Hospital. At this one location alone:

  • Bellrock employees service a total of 400 rooms
  • Our catering team serves 19,000 five-star patient meals every year
  • Our portering team responded to 4,059 requests in 2022
  • Our maintenance team attended 1,567 requests in 2022
  • Our cleaning team has been awarded the maximum of five stars since current NHS cleanliness standards were introduced

This support frees up time for core hospital staff to put their skills to the best possible use: improving and saving lives.

The next 75 years

Every day, we’re looking for new ways to add value to our parternships. At West Berkshire, we pick up some surprising extra duties. Bellrock staff handle things like ordering surgical supplies, handing out hearing aid batteries and even growing vegetables. More often, we’re simply there to chat with people who might be feeling stressed or scared.

That’s the kind of environment we love creating together, one that prioritises what patients might be going through. The NHS has succeeded for 75 years because they understand that importance. We wish them all the very best for 75 more.