The power of the technology at our fingertips is exciting and can open up a world of endless opportunities. Digitalisation offers businesses major advantages including improvements to processes, productivity, and time efficiency via robotic process automation (RPA) and increased connectivity with a broader digital eco-system. Such benefits when properly harnessed can ultimately reduce costs, improve profitability and service levels.

The real estate sector has been slower than some industries to explore new technology solutions, but software such as Concerto is showing why businesses cannot afford to miss out on the potential benefits of innovative technology.

Leveraging the advantages of digital processes, automation and quality management allows businesses to remain flexible, resilient and successful in the face of rapidly shifting consumer, client and legislative environments. 


The benefits of digitalisation

By using the right software solution, data can be used more effectively and, as a result, estates can be managed in a streamlined and proactive way. Moreover, a single digital landscape shared across internal and external stakeholder activity can provide you with accurate, real-time information based on a single version of truth. This in turn can facilitate informed, data-led decisions based on actual insights and activity keeping you fully aware of what is happening across your estate. From here, improvements and initiatives can flourish based on conditional interventions, improved reactions and effective preventative measures. 

Digitalisation can also lead to the adoption of Internet of Things connectivity across your estate. Within FM, this can save money by optimising maintenance regimes to trigger preventative maintenance jobs in advance of equipment malfunction. This works by using sensors to detect abnormal readings from plant or assets, indicative of sub-optimal performance or imminent failure. These sensors can be configured to signal the need to raise a job within your CAFM, considerate of the appropriate trade, skills and priority category for attendance. Overall, this has the power to substantially increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) performance of your assets, minimising the risk of disruption to your buildings, tenants and service users. 


Why choose Concerto?

The idea of digitalising your estate can sound complicated and challenging, but it need not be difficult. 

Bellrock’s Concerto software is an easy to use, cloud-based application. No plug-ins or special software is required, allowing it to be used across a range of platforms and devices with nothing more than a modern browser. This makes it simple to implement as a seamless solution across your business operations, from internal departments to external partners and tenant organisations. 

The software is configurable and can be set up to reflect your business requirements and processes using conditional workflow. This includes prioritisation, approval and permit protocol. Concerto also generates management dashboards and reports that can be easily tailored to give you the information needed to manage your estate more cost-effectively.

With such a highly configurable solution, it is easy to integrate with your existing working practices and can be used to drive more efficient ways of working while also improving governance and compliance. There are many value-adding features within Concerto, providing granular functionality and data for advanced analytical support. This includes modules which support the capture and review of asset condition reports, providing digital forward maintenance plans alongside maintenance schedule, warranty and energy performance data for example.

Concerto has also been designed to integrate with third-party systems such as CAD and GIS. This allows you to view BIM models within the Concerto browser, without the requirement for external software or plug-ins.

Another useful feature is the Concerto helpdesk, which utilises advanced mobile technology to reduce administration and resolution times. The software stores information regarding actions that have been taken to help communicate, manage and resolve helpdesk tickets.

If you are interested in learning how best to digitalise your real estate, we would be happy to help. Our Concerto software has been designed for a broad range of business applications and is currently used to manage over 200,000 premises and over £1.3 billion is FM spend each year. Concerto has the power to drive efficiencies and provide resilience to help your business outperform your competitors on price and service.  


Contact us today to discuss your options and we can provide expert recommendations on how to digitalise your estate.