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Technical Consultancy: Maintaining Covid secure and compliant workplaces

As workplaces all get ready for re-occupation, a number of key challenges are arising. “How do I make sure my buildings are statutory compliant before opening?” “What do I do with my air conditioning and ventilation plant?” “Is my fire risk assessment still valid if I change the way I use my space?” “Are my risks still current or do I now have additional risks present?” These are the questions that many people are currently grappling with as they prepare for reopening.

As a unique market disrupting provider of commercial and regulatory property-related risk management services in the UK, Bellrock are currently working with our customers ensuring their properties are Covid secure and ready for re-opening. Our unique experience can add practical guidance to help steer you through the return from lockdown.

Surveys and Consultancy

Assessing Risk on Re-occupation

With the Government now providing a roadmap for returning to work, the need to provide and publish a risk assessment is now clear. The steps to take that assessment will be organisation and site specific, and without health & safety guidance to assist you through the process, how do you know that you have taken all reasonable measures necessary?

We provide estate risk support to our customers. Our Covid secure tool-kit will provide you with a checklist for your own risk assessment, and we can support you further to turn it into a complete strategy to return to occupation of your sites.

Achieving Statutory Compliance

Statutory planned and preventative maintenance (PPM) regimes which have been delayed due to lockdown will need to be re-established. In addition, specific re-occupation actions centred upon water, gas electrical and airflow systems will need consideration, with particular focus upon legionella prevention.

Our experts can quickly assess your current PPM conformance and build a programme of activity to recertify your equipment for restart, whilst our cleaning partners can deliver restart` and ongoing enhanced cleaning to improve your customer and colleague peace of mind.

Re-commissioning Plant and Equipment

Ensuring plant and equipment installed within a building is operating to the latest Covid secure safety recommendations will be crucial for managing risk. There have been guidance and recommendations issued by various bodies including BESA, CIBSE and REHVA and it is recommended that these are implemented and adhered to when reopening any building.

Bellrock’s experts are breaking down and simplifying the key actions you must take to ensure your building equipment will work in line with these recommendations.

Supplementary Consultancy

Assessing New Fire Risks

With the implementation of different working patterns, building layouts and social distancing rules, this may affect the fire safety layout of any working property. These changes must be assessed, and in some cases, require re-assessment of the fire safety plan around escape routes, assembly points and fire warden availability. Our experts are able to provide guidance and assessment to ensure your workplace is compliant and safe.

Supply Chain Logistics

The availability and capacity of the critical supply chain is perceived as being one of the key challenges for lockdown re-opening planning. With many businesses eager to open and commence trading / working in the next few weeks, there will be a significant strain on supply chain availability and resources with peaks in demand expected to outstrip supply.

At Bellrock we are helping our clients reoccupy their premises and are ensuring our vast supply chain network are actively supporting and enabling workplace reopening and forward planning to minimise delays.

The Project Team

Lead Consultant

Dave Richards, COO

Support Consultant

Jeremy Honor, Business Unit Director, MES

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*Information offered in this webinar is in line with UK Government guidance at the time of recording.

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